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Currently, Biele Group's automated lines and equipment are operating at maximum capacity in more than 50 countries in all continents, just another form of synchronization. A universal simultaneity that is made possible thanks to the continuous international commitment that Biele has demonstrated from the start, a reflection of our capability to respond to the most demanding markets.

For this, we have a wide network of agents, commercial representatives and collaborating companies for the different divisions throughout the world, with whom we attend to our customers in a close and effective way. We are, at the same time, everywhere in the world, providing global synchronization.

If you want to contact with our commercial network, send us an e-mail at

Biele Group

Head Office
Larrañaga Industrialdea, 1
20.738 Urrestilla, Azpeitia, Gipuzkoa (España)
Tel.: +34 943 15 70 50
Fax: +34 943 15 72 50

Pol. Ind. Lestiscares; C/ Jardines s/n
26.370 Navarrete, La Rioja (España)
Tel.: +34 941 44 03 33
Fax: +34 941 44 03 45